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?榈氐嫘幸凳准铱⒌哪?榈氐嬗米钣胖仕芙涸暇郯敝谱鞫首家提供8年超长质保,具备超形象的外观美,绿色环保,高质量,高除尘,超强耐磨,耐高温+700C及耐低温-400C使用保持不变形,使用寿命强,方便清洗等优点。专业的设计超强刮刀式,能有效刮除脚底大量沙泥污垢,确保门厅的卫生环境。采用拼接方式,规格为200mm*200mm,高度16mm,可留凹槽亦可安装于地面上使用 。广泛用于酒店、银行、专卖店.机场、医院、码头、商场等区域使用。

The quality of plastic raw material polyurethane production with di module to pad the industry's first development step cube MUFA module mats and become, the first to offer 8 year long warranty, with beautiful appearance, super image of the green environmental protection, high quality, high dust, strong abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance +700C and the resistance to low temperature -400C use to keep no deformation, the service life of the strong, has the advantages of convenientcleaning. Design of super scraper professional, can effectively remove the soles of the feet of a large amount of sand and mud, ensure the foyer health environment. By adopting the splicing mode, the specifications for the215mm*215mm, height18mm,can keep the groove can also be installed on the ground using. Widely used in hotels,banks, shops, hospitals, terminal. Airport, shopping malls and other areas of use.

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